Landscape Design
The team at Artisans has years of collective knowledge to help you choose features and plants that will thrive – all while taking into consideration the particulars of our Michigan climate. We have been cultivating beautiful and sustainable outdoor spaces, designs, and happy customers since 2003 and pride ourselves in engaging our clients in the process.

COMMERCIAL – Does your building need a landscape upgrade? An investment in updated landscaping can attract customers and tenants alike! Our commercial landscape team will assist with reasonably priced, easily maintained landscaping with eye-catching layouts for your office building and other commercial properties. 

Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or are open to suggestions, we pride ourselves on keeping the design process very simple and understandable.

FUN FACT: The right landscaping will enhance property value, raise curb appeal, and encourage pride in home ownership.

Landscape Contracting & Project Planning
Artisans is a professional, responsible partner that will help you fulfill your vision for your lawn and garden. Open and honest planning is where every great project begins.

After an initial meeting, we will provide an estimate for the labor and materials that are needed to complete a project. Once an agreement is reached in regards to the design plan and budget, we’ll start the process of scheduling and creating a quality Artisans landscape you can be proud of for years to come.

Landscape & Horticultural Consulting
How can we assist? Let us count the ways!
If you are looking to take a more hands on approach, our landscaping & horticulture consulting may be the best service for you.  If you are looking to develop and execute your own DYI project, it might be in your best interest to check with the professionals. That being said, we offer a variety of consulting options that can make your dreams a reality.