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Landscaping Design

The Holiday season is upon us! As we take a moment to reflect on the wonderful projects we have accomplished in 2015, we would like to send a warm thank you to our customers and followers. Without such great partners, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love to do- make your landscape our…

Fall Clean-Up

November is upon us! A crucial time for lawn care. Removing your leaves in the fall can be a bit cumbersome and tedious. But, it is essential for the health of your lawn and plants. How’s the raking? Are you using it as child punishment? Do you enjoy spending hours out in your yard battling..

Bed Maintenance/ Pruning

Although we are having an uncharacteristically warm start to fall, the beautiful Michigan weather has begun to have nights that dip below 45 degrees. We’ve even had some counties that have already had a frost warning! It’s perfect football weather, and the trees are starting to show their true colors. So, what does that mean…

We Help Break the Cycle

Late summer and early fall is the best time of year to control your weeds. When you use a herbicide during this time of year there are two benefits to look forward to: 1) The weeds will not be able to grow as quickly in the spring. Appling an application in fall penetrates into their…

Need Supplies? We deliver!

We’ve found that many of the followers and customers of Artisans Landscaping like to get down in the dirt and work on their own projects. For that, we commend you! That being said, we want to remind you that we have all of the landscape supplies available for all of your DIY needs. We have…

Is Your Lawn Green Enough?

What is the purpose of a fertilizer? Fertilizer is the best way to add the necessary nutrients that turf grass needs to attain and keep a desirable quality lawn. In many cases the soil isn’t providing everything the lawn needs, and a fertilizer can provide the missing link. Three things to take into consideration when applying

But, I don’t know if we have time…

It’s that time of year where we all want to be outside enjoying as much of the Michigan summer that we can. It’s the time of year filled with ball games, summer camps, vacations, and other activities we enjoy. With all of these fun activities, it’s the hardest time of year to find time to…

Spring Clean-up

Is your yard staring back at you with a post winter look? Start the season off right with a spring clean-up that will get your property ready for the upcoming growing season. Don’t have the time? Don’t have the energy? We can help. Our team of professionals can be reached at 989-662-0500. We will come to your