Bed Maintenance/ Pruning

Although we are having an uncharacteristically warm start to fall, the beautiful Michigan weather has begun to have nights that dip below 45 degrees. We’ve even had some counties that have already had a frost warning! It’s perfect football weather, and the trees are starting to show their true colors.  So, what does that mean for your landscaping that you’ve worked so hard to maintain through the summer? Look no further! Artisans Landscaping, (989) 662-0500, can help keep your yard looking sharp throughout the fall season.

This time of year is a very important time to keep your bed maintenance in check. If you are tackling the yard work on your own, we’ve compiled an easy to follow list of things to assist you in keeping up with bed maintenance:

Falling Leaves-As leaves fall, stay ahead of the game and remove them regularly. Too many leaves left in beds can cause fungal disease to perennials.

Moisture– As we start to see cooler nights, make sure that you are keeping the ground moist. Moisture will help to help your trees, shrubs, and evergreens stay healthy and avoid frost damage.

Planting– It’s not too early to think spring! October and early November are great times to plant spring bulbs. When you plant in the fall, your blooms will be waiting for you come springtime. Hardy bulbs like tulips, daffodil, and hyacinths are able to survive the winter right in the ground. Make sure to remove any bulbs that may not be able to handle our harsh Michigan winters. These flowers include gladiolus, dahlias, and canna.

Mulch– To help add insulation; spring bulbs, shrubs and perennials should be protected by a new layer of mulch. (Check back next month on tips for making your own mulch from your fallen leaves!)

Pruning– It seems natural to prune in fall when you are getting everything ready for winter. Resist the urge! Just leave your pruning tools in the shed, and re-visit this activity when the trees are dormant in the cooler months and less susceptible to fungi. If you have any dead branches that you need to remove, you can do that at any time.

If you find you are too busy transporting kids to their activities, and doing other household things, please contact us at (989) 662-0500. We are more than happy to make sure that your beds, trees, and shrubs, are being well maintained. We care about your plants!

DON’T FORGET: Check back next month for helpful tips for fall clean-up and how to use your leaves to aid in protection for your plants.