Lawn Care Services

Whether you have a discolored lawn, a shriveling shrub, or want the mowing and trimming off of your to do list, we have a variety of services that can help.

Lawn Mowing – Residential & Commercial

Your problem of finding someone dependable to service your lawn has just been solved! Our experienced lawn care team will make sure that your property is treated as if it were their own. The professional crew can help you make your lawn the best one on the street. Free estimates available.

Lawn Disease & Insect Control

Sometimes back yard visitors show up unannounced and out stay their welcome. (And we aren’t talking about your relatives!) Nobody likes a pest. If you need help protecting your back yard from six and eight legged critters, let us help ease your worries.

Tree and Shrub Pest and Disease Control

We all care about our own health, so what about the health of our plants? Trees and shrubs need their own attention. If you are concerned about the health of any of your trees or shrubs, let our experts make sure your plants pass a clean bill of health. Protect your investment and make sure they can flourish.

Grub Control

Damage from grubs in lawns can leave your yard looking like a war zone. Successfully control grubs with the help of Artisans.

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

Tired of battling your weeds? Let us help! Our team of experts will get to the bottom of the problem and get your yard back to normal.

Controlling weeds can be an ongoing process. Eliminating them can be an even tougher task. If you are faced with either of these issues, we offer a variety of services based upon the severity of your needs. Different weeds are more prevalent during different seasons, and we offer different services based upon the types.

Fun Fact: There are some weeds that prefer sprouting in Michigan’s cool fall temperatures. Over the winter, they survive in a semi-dormant state, and are the first to sprout up in the spring. The only way to avoid this type of weed, is to break the cycle before they get started.